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Organization By Design, LLC is an operations and performance management consulting firm offering customized solutions to executives, businesses, and individuals .

Indicators of Need for Operational Business Consulting

  • 'Reacting to' instead of 'planning for' growth, crisis or events
  • Non-existent plans to support their vision
  • Lack of accountability and focus
  • Ineffective work processes to support sustainable growth
  • Disorganization
  • Micro-Managing
  • Customer complaints

Client Benefits

  • Increased productivity
  • Streamlined infrastructure to support long term success
  • Communication channels that are reliable and encourage collaboration
  • Reduced costs and frustration
  • Increased commitment and accountability
  • Positive impact on profits
  • Renewed confidence and focus

Client Characteristics

We find that our clients achieve the best results when we work with clients with the following qualities.
  • Ready to commit the time and make the investment for long term results
  • Driven to be 'outstanding' in their industry
  • A history of working hard and an intrinsic commitment to success
  • Recognize that service alone does not differentiate a business. Sustainable success requires the optimum allocation of people, resources, tools, and time to create a seamless infrastructure.
  • Value the role that outside experts play in establishing a results-oriented, strategic partnership


  • Tactical Planning
  • Identification of Business Performance Gaps and Solutions to Fill those Gaps
  • Work Process Design and Implementation
  • Human Resource Tools and Consulting
  • Technology/Business Integration
  • Customized Training and Workshops

Our Process

  • We work with key players to identify company goals and performance objectives.
  • We then perform an in-depth assessment to identify what is working, uncover what is not working, and identify solutions to fill the gap.
  • Most importantly, we work together to implement the customized solutions and provide ongoing assistance for long-term sustained results.

'Your bottom line is our top priority'.

Diana Creitz, President and CEO
Phone: (503) 656-9986  

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